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Rich Rotella's uncanny ability to portray comedic and dramatic characters has made him priceless to productions and a rising star.

Trained in improvisation at "The Groundlings" and studying under Lee Strasberg's disciple Eric Morris (acting coach to Johnny Depp and Jack Nicholson,) Rich delivers a dynamic versatility, from character actor to leading man.

Rich starred in Lionsgate's feature comedy, "The Newest Pledge (2010)." He landed a national commercial for "TIDE Laundry" opposite iconic Betty White. And recently, Rich wrote, directed, and starred in the original feature film, "Marlo Lasker (2020)."


His unique screen power, unpredictability and magnetism is extraordinary. You cannot truly appreciate Rich's talent until you see him in action.

Biography By: Greg Budion

"This life is about finding your people. Among the thousands of actors in LA, I found Rich. He is one of the most focused, driven and determined actors I have ever met. Hire him."

Jodie Bentley

Producer, COO at Reinventing Films and CEO at Accelerated Artist


"Being a director I am always on the look out for talented actors. Actors that possess a multitude of skills that contribute to them having the ability to deliver a believable yet powerful performance. Some of these skills consist of them remembering their lines, hitting marks, and the most important being able to act. Whether he’s playing a Jerry Lewis like character or a young De Niro Rich possesses these quality’s and has the acting chops to back it up.


Not only is he talented but he is a pleasure to be around. One of Rich’s other qualities is his burning desire to keep striving for greatness. If you are making a movie or a tv show don’t pass up the chance to have Rich come in to read for you. I will personally tell you from experience he will definitely not disappoint."                                                                                       

                                                                                                                    Steve Race

DGA Director & Producer


"70 actors submitted for the Living Statue of Mercury; Rich was my only choice. His audition was so inventive, it suggested comedic possibilities that I subsequently used in the film. When we were in production, Rich was a pro. Shooting on a tight schedule in a cold wind while wearing skimpy robes and body paint, Rich remained focused, hardworking, and collaborative, offering me both physical and attitudinal options for every scene. I’d work with him again in a heartbeat, even without a cold wind."

Paul Guay  
Actor, Director, Script Consultant

"I worked with Rich on my first feature film. it was a very low budget, indie set- but rich was a professional. always on time, always prepared, always willing to go the extra mile. his comedic timing enhanced the final product, which was distributed domestically my lions gate.

I've also watched rich in dramatic roles where he as excelled, as well as commercial roles."

Jason M. Brescia
Writer / Director - BFA at Chapman University

I've had the pleasure of working with Rich on numerous short films, both dramatic and comedic. Despite the genre, he brings a high level of professionalism every single time he steps on set, while at the same time maintaining the fun and "magic" of the creative process. Rich does it all: writes, directs and acts. If you know him, work with him now, because when his career skyrockets, you're going to wish that you had been a part of one of his priceless films."
Evan Gamble

"I've seen Rich perform live and in feature films; he is hilarious. It surprised me when I saw some of his dramatic work; he can really nail drama as well. 

I've been lucky enough to work with Rich on a feature as a co-writer. We had a great time developing and writing the screenplay. His comedic timing and honed improv skills really made the script pop. Looking forward to seeing him star in future television series and films."


Matthew Ross

Writer / Director

"As an editor I look for an actor that gives me a variety of performances to choose from particularly in comedy, and that is exactly what Rich brings to the table. I recommend him."


Alex Oppenheimer

Film & Television Editor

"Rich Rotella takes his training seriously and is totally invested in bringing his best to every performance. From his work in the soap opera world to his starring turn in Marlo Lasker he is fearless in putting himself out there. As an assistant director, I appreciate his professionalism and dedication."
Thomas Smith
Assistant Director, DGA


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